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Copley & Boegli - Wooden Headjoints for Boehm Flutes

Our head joints for Boehm flutes are made in African blackwood with an integrally carved shaped lip plate and sterling silver rings. They are custom fitted to your flute by means of a short sterling silver adaptor tube. You can also have additional adaptor tubes made in order to use the same head joint with other Boehm flute bodies.

Because of the variations in diameter between the various makers of Boehm system flutes, you will need to send us your flute for fitting. It will generally be returned with the new head joint within 7 days from when we receive it.

Head joint in African blackwood for Boehm flute, including adaptor tube and fitting $650
Additional sterling silver adaptor tubes, including fitting $100

email :copleyflutes@gmail.com phone:(513) 683 8994